Tørst Turned Two!

It was time to celebrate that it was two years since Tørst first opened its door. And the best way to do that is to put a lot of amazing and crazy beers on tap. And Tørst definitely did deliver in that sense. March 8th was the date for this party!

Image courtesy of Kim Mercado for Tørst.

The line outside at the opening hour was crazy and reached along the whole block. I think the two Cantillons and the Bourbon County stout aged on rye whiskey barrels with vanilla beans from Mexico and Madagascar could have had something to do with that. 🙂 I got in three hours after opening and they’re were all long gone.


The bar was full and the crowd was happy and thirsty. The bar was fully staffed and more and they did a great job at serving everyone quick despite of the big amount of people. Jeppe, the founder of Evil Twin and the initiator to Tørst, was there mingling, talking to all the fans that came up to him. It was hard to find a spot to hang out at, crowded as it was, so the space for Luksus (the one Michelin star awarded restaurant attached to Tørst) was open for guests to just drink beer. I hung out in there with Karl and Henok from Omnipollo and Brian from Stillwater, until we had to leave when the restaurant opened. Jeppe took us then down to cellar where they keep all the bottles. There we shared a bottle of From Amager with love, a delicious imperial stout with blueberries.  A perfect way to end this fabulous event! Cheers!

Cheers! Jeppe to the far left, and then Karl and Henok from Omnipollo.

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