Sours galore!

I’m a big fan of sours, so on March 5th when Tørst did bottle pours of sours from Pizza Boy and Intangible Ales I rushed to the bar to make sure to get myself some samples.

Pizza Boy Brewing Co is a brewery from Enola, Pennsylvania and Intangible Ales is their sister brewery. All of you that has been to Tørst has probably seen Sour Bikini which is a collaboration between Evil Twin and Intagible Ales. I love that beer!

So, the beers that they were pouring exclusively at the bar were:


From left to right:

  • Eternal Sunshine by Pizza Boy. A delightful hoppy sour ale. Probably the “easiest” of them all.
  • Future Primitive by Intangible Ales. A super funky 100% Brett Farmhouse pale ale. Barnyard!
  • Golden Sour by Pizza Boy. A wild ale aged in white wine barrels with lemon zest.
  • Abascio-Cell-Pinot Grigio by Pizza Boy. A wild ale aged in white wine barrels.
  • Abascio-Cell-Zinfandel. A wild ale aged in red wine barrels.

And the winner is… Golden Sour! It was my favorite. It had a dry finish and a balanced sourness which made it very drinkable. The lemon zests gave it a nice fruity caracter. The Abascio-Cell on Zindafel was a beauty too, almost like drinking red wine, except super sour.

I can highly recommend Pizza Boy and Intangibles Ales and am already planning a trip to the brewery. 🙂

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