SheBrew fest!

Tomorrow, I will be drinking beers that were all made by women at the SheBrew Fest!

The fest is a fundraising event to support all female-identified in beer, cider, and mead. It’s my second year attending and I’m extra excited to go this year because I was helping out at two of the brews for this occasion. My friends Maddy and Kelsey invited me to come join for their first ever own production recipes. Yay!

Group picture at Sasquatch brewing. From left: Lee, me, Maddy and Kelsey. Picture: Madeleine McCarthy

Madeleine “Maddy” McCarthy is a brewer at Sasquatch Brewing Co. She made a hazy pale ale called Gold dust woman, after a song by Fleetwood Mac. Glitter was later added to the beer and I’m beyond excited to see how it turned out with my own eyes. And taste buds.

Me, Kelsey and Lisa at Wayfinder.

The second brew was by Kelsey Cable at Wayfinder Beer. She made a smoked porter called Full of Fire, a song by The Knife (seems like it’s popular to name beers after songs!). It was an absolutely stunning beer to brew and it looked like chocolate most of the time. =)

The fest is tomorrow (Saturday, March 3d) between 12-8pm. Come join me and drink some deliciousness from Breakside Brewing, 10 Barrel, Cider Riot, Heater Allen and Double Mountain (just to name a few). See full list here. And of course the beers from Wayfinder and Sasquatch too!

Let’s celebrate the incredible women in beer!

Cheers! /Marie

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