National Beer Day.

On Tuesday this week I was ready to have a relaxing evening at home, when I found out it was National Beer Day here in the states, and I saw my evening in the couch in front of Netflix fading away.

It’s not an official holiday, but well worth celebrating for a beer enthusiast like me. On this day (April 7) in 1933, people in the states were allowed to buy, sell and drink beer again after 13 years of prohibition. Franklin D. Roosevelt was every beer drinkers hero when he signed the Cullen-Harrison act, that meant that beer (not stronger than 4.05%) could be consumed once again. This was celebrated by people across the country drinking beer, Lots of beer. 1.5 million barrels of beer went down people’s throats during this day (and the night before, that is also called New Beer’s Eve).


So, to celebrate this awesome day we went to Good Beer in East Village (one of my favourite bottle shops). On this day they were doing a tap take over with Finback Brewery┬ábased in Queens. Finback is a relatively new brewery and has impressed me a whole lot. The beers I’ve had so far and had this night are all very well made and the quality is almost impeccable. Here’s the beer we tried out at Good Beer:

  • Starchild, a sour ale.
  • Atnas, a belgian tripel.
  • Lazy Ax, an imperial stout.
  • Natas, a belgian stout.
  • Finback IPA.


I also got the chance to say hi to the people from the brewery and ended up hanging out with Leah (who works in their taproom) and Basil (owner of Finback). They were super nice and treated us with a beer. =) Now I can’t wait to plan a trip to Queens to visit the brewery. If you ever see a Finback beer on the tap list, don’t hesitate, just order it! Cheers!

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