La La Land.


Last week I visited Los Angeles for the first time. For a week I got to listen to tropical birds chirping, see bougainvilleas everywhere in different colours, get sand between my toes walking on beaches, see palm trees, eat delicious Mexican food, be a map reader while we drove everywhere, drink delicious and tasty Californian beers and most important of all; visit one of my absolute favourite brewery in the states. The Bruery.

On a slow Sunday when I was working at Mikkeller Bar Sthlm, Beercation came in with Henry the doll, as he was visiting all the Mikkeller bars in the world in 90 days. We were the last stop and the slow Sunday transformed into a night I will never forget. And I gained a new beer friend. When he found out about me coming to LA, he contacted me right away and offered me to drive me to some breweries. That was an offer I could not say no to!

Beercation, or Arturo as his real name is, picked us up on Thursday afternoon and our first stop was El Segundo Brewing Co, located south of LAX airport. They are known for their hoppy IPA’s. We had two flights with four beers in each and the majority was of course IPA’s or DIPA’s.They had a red ale, which impressed me a lot. I’, not usually a big fan of red ales, but this one was really tasty. Their tasting room was really small (they soon will get a bigger one) and the door to the brewery was open so you could pop in your head and take a sneak peak.

Elsegundo El Segundo’s tasting room.

After finishing the flights (probably way too fast) we had a longer drive to do. To Anaheim in Orange County. When we finally arrived the sun had set and it was dark, but when I saw the big malt silo with the words The Bruery lit up, I almost peed my pants. I was so excited to be there, and most of all with Arturo, who has a reserve membership. Which meant that I could drink everything they had. For almost three years I’ve been looking for Chocolate Rain (an Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans) and I could not believe the luck I had when Arturo told me they had it on draught at that moment AND that it was a reserve society exclusive! I keep on thinking, what if I had made that journey on my own? Horror. Did it reach my expectations? Oh, yes. It did. We had nine more beers, where oak aged Sour in the Rye, Filmishmish and So Happens it’s Tuesday (also known as SHIT) were some of the tastiest beers I’ve had in a long time.

bruery_flight Finally I got to try Chocolate Rain from The Bruery!


Our last stop for the night was Noble Ale Works, also in Anaheim. I did not know much about them before, but I got blown away by one of their beers. An IPA called I love it, and I sure loved it! The fact that it was one of the last beers, may have affected my judgement. Well, we bought a bottle to bring home, so I guess I will know when I crack that open. =)

me_and_arturo Me with Arturo, who was so awesome driving to all of the breweries.


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