Hoppy Tiger, Bitter Dragon.

A couple of weeks ago I, Marie, got the opportunity to brew my own recipe at Lompoc Brewing. Ain’t I a lucky girl?!

Me mashing out on the brew day.

Every year they do a themed IPA series and invite people to come brew with them. This year the theme is Kung Fu and I got to go second in the series.

I must admit that I haven’t seen that many Kung Fu movies, but I knew I wanted to pick a movie with female fighters to represent my beer. So I chose Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The women in this movie are kicking some serious ass, they’re strong, fearless and does whatever they want. Perfect!

So, for the beer: I wanted it to have a pretty simple malt base to emphasize the hops. not too bitter but with lots of flavors and aromas. With mostly Pale malt and a little hint of Cara 30-37 it got a light copper color with a subtle note of caramel. I wanted Mosaic to be the hero in this beer and to make it a bit less citrusy I mixed some Simcoe in there with the hope that the earthiness would help balance the Mosaic. I think they work perfectly together. I also dry-hopped the beer with 15 lbs of Mosaic. The beer ended up with a beautiful, fruity nose. Lots of citrusy, tropical flavors and very drinkable since it’s not so bitter.

Yesterday, Thursday, it had its premiere on tap at Sidebar here in Portland and I had invited a bunch of friends to come enjoy it with me. I’m super happy with how the beer turned out and it was a magical feeling standing in the bar watching people (both friends and strangers) drink my beer.

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