Dogpatch Sour – Review.


Beer: Dogpatch Sour
Brewery: Almanac Beer Co
Style: Sour red
ABV: 7.5%

This beer is Almanac‘s tribute to a Red Flanders style of beer. This wild ale has been brewed with Californian Rainier cherries (which are known for being sweet and delicious), then fermented with a house blend of wild yeast, bacteria and San Francisco sourdough yeast and finally aged in wine barrels.

Appearance: It has a beautiful dark amber colour. When pouring, a small head appears with tiny bubbles, which disappears quickly. After a few minutes it looks totally flat.

Aroma: It has a fruity and acidic aroma. You can almost smell how sour it is going to taste. I can get notes of cherries a little bit in the back.

Taste: SOUR! It is super sour. Fruity and tart.

Mouthfeel: It’s dry and small bubbles hits your tongue sipping on it (so even if it looks flat, it is not).

Overall: This is a beer to share! It is so sour it would be hard to finish it yourself, even if it’s not a big bottle. You have to be a hardcore fan of sours to dig this, which I am. So, lucky me! Cheers!

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