The (short) Story

We’ve had plans of having a small nano brewing operation for a while, But unfortunately we’ve never really had the space to make it a reality. Way back in Stockholm, we brewed a couple of beers with borrowed equipment. But when we made the move from a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY to an entire house in PDX we saw that it certainly has its perks.

So once we got settled in Portland, we decided to make use of our now much bigger space. A friend had some brewing equipment that we bought and that’s when and where Chartreuse Brewing started. And now we’re just happy to have launched and excited to see what the future has in store for our little endeavor.

The Name

I guess that’s one of the most frequently asked questions you get whenever you start something new, that has a somewhat “weird” name. Well, in this case, it’s pretty simple. It all started with the house where we brew our beer… One of us think it looks green, one of us think it looks green. The discussion got much bigger than it needed to. So why not use that as a name? Chartreuse is the color halfway between yellow and green. Brewery name… Done. Yup, it really is that childish.

The Beer

The idea is to make beer we (and our friends) want to drink. Beer that you can enjoy in the company of others, beer that will make you curious to dive deeper into the world of craft beer. If we can help people discover the great world of tasty beer… Then we’ve done our job. Read about the beers we produce below, and maybe one day, you can sip one yourself.


Cascadian Sunshine: The first one being a bit of an experiment, where we allowed for some errors while testing the equipment and getting a feel for our new space. We started with a Cascade Single Hop American India Pale Ale. The hops chosen to honor our new living habitat in the Pacific North West and we made it an IPA for simplicity and the good taste. After some deliberation, we decided to call it Cascadian Sunshine.


Beer No #2: Our second beer is still a little bit of a secret, we can give away a few detail but unfortunately that much more right now. The beer style is an Oatmeal Coffee Stout, but sorry, can’t tell you the name or show off the lovely label just yet.

MUTT IPA: Our third beer is made with Richie Robbins from the advertising agency MUTT, it’s for their Design Week Portland open house. The beer is currently bubbling away and will be bottled in a while. So, more info to come.


Even though we’re just getting started, no brewery is complete without a brewery profile on Untappd. So to facilitate things for our fans to come 😉 click the button below to like and follow us there. Thanks!