Bourbon County Stout 2013 – Review.

While doing my nails looking like the rainbow, to celebrate Pride weekend and that the Supreme court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, I decided to crack this beauty open. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, A big and bold beer for a big moment in history.


Beer: Bourbon County Stout 2013
Brewery: Goose Island Beer Co
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 14.2%

Appearance: It pours thick looking, pitch black with a brown frothy head.

Aroma: It has a strong aroma of bourbon, vanilla and a little bit of smoke.

Taste: A distinct taste of the bourbon. I am one of those who doesn’t like bourbon itself, but love beers aged on bourbon barrels. This beer has the perfect amount of bourbon note for me. Not too much, but plenty enough to taste the bourbon in every sip you take. Notes of vanilla. It is a bit boozy, but what the hell, it is a beer with an ABV of 14.2%.

Mouthfeel: It is as full bodied as a beer can get. It’s thick and smooth. It is so soft it feels like velvet caressing my tongue.

Overall: This is such a damn tasty beer! It is delicious and I forget how good it is, so for every sip I take I roll my eyes in pleasure because it is so damn good. And it warms up my body and make me all gooey inside. Wow, I’m having a hard time not writing things that can be mistaken for sexual references. 😉


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