Are you hoppy?

I for sure love those hoppy beers! They don’t have to be extreme. As long as they are well executed and well balanced, they may have 100 IBU or more for all that I care. I love the aroma, the taste and they are perfect for any occasion. On a hot summer day (a refreshing pale ale or a session IPA), when you’re eating something spicy (and need to quench that thirst or fire in your mouth) or on a cold winter’s day (getting your inside warm with a double IPA).

So, when One Mile House had an event to celebrate the hop last week (Thursday) I was there.


Almost all of their 30 taps were dedicated to hoppy pale ales, IPA’s and double IPA’s. Most of them were from local breweries in NY, but there were also some guests from other states and one beer from our Swedish friends Omnipollo (Nebuchadnezzar). We did flights so we could try as many as possible. This is what I had:

  • Hopsy Dazy from Great South Bay Brewery (NY).
    A session IPA with a nice bitterness and great body despite the low ABV and sessionability.
  • Innate IPA from Third Rail beer (NY).
    I could smell jasmine, which I love. Very light, crisp and light bodied.
  • Money IPA from Barrier Brewing Company (NY).
    A bit soapy. A lot of hops!
  • Shane’s Big DIPA from Westbrook Brewing (SC).
    A big and great beer. Sweet from the big amount of malts but also has a bitter after taste.
  • S.S. Kentucky brewed at Against The Grain Brewery (KY) with Carton Brewing (NJ).
    A smokey Pineapple IPA. The smokey flavour is very subtle, a little whit of sausage, not so much pineapple though.
  • Grapefruit IPA from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (NY).
    Fresh and very drinkable, but not so much grapefruit (more lemon).
  • Double Crooked Tree from Dark Horse Brewing Company (MI).
    An amazing DIPA. The body is full and it’s sweet and bitter.
  • 077XX from Carton Brewing (NJ).
    Suppose to be a DIPA, but it feels more like an IPA to me. It is delicious though, crisp, lighter in the body and flowery.
  • Hereyago from Threes Brewing (NY).
    This is an american pale ale with a lot of hops in it. I say good shit!
  • Deep River from Knee Deep Brewing Company  (NC).
    A fruity and hoppy DIPA. Bitter in the after taste.
  • Buddy System from Finback Brewery (NY).
    Smelled like a sweaty armpit at first. Weird. But that dissapeared luckily after a while. Hop explosion!
  • Daddy Warbucks from Barrier Brewing Company (NY).
    Delicious with fruity notes in both aroma and taste.

My favourite out of these 12 hoppy beers was: Daddy Warbucks. Also, Hereyago from the Brooklyn based brewery Threes Brewing was pretty close to get my no.1 place. Cheers!

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