Transmitter Brewing.


With a focus on farmhouse ales, Transmitter Brewing has grown to be very popular here in NYC. In an invasion of IPA’s everywhere for a long time we do see more interest for the old traditional styles saisons and farmhouse ales. The brewery has an american twist on the traditional French and Belgium beer style, using different hops. They use a lot of the wild yeast, Brettanomyces. Both in primary and secondary fermentation, which gives the beers that tart and funky flavour.


We went to Transmitter on a Saturday and one thing I loved was that the first thing you saw was the actual brewery. It is a very small brewery too, so you can just pop in your head and pretty much see the whole lot. They are located in Long Island City, Queens, under the Pulaski bridge, so it’s really easy to get there both from Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Their cute little tasting room is open Fridays – Sundays. If you are a big group you should call in advance and make an appointment to make sure they can fit you. They do samples for tasting of the beers they have available at the moment. When we were there they had three beers available:

  • S9 Noble saison, brewed with noble hops.
  • NY1, NY state saison, made with ingredients sourced from NY maltsers and hop farms.
  • BC1, Hoppy farmhouse, made for Beer Culture (a bar on Manhattan) as their house beer.




I got to step inside the brewery and have a chat with Anthony Accardi, one of the founders. He showed me around the brewhouse and told me their story.

Ten years ago he met Rob Colb (who is the other founder) bike racing and they became friends. They found another interest they had in common, beer. Anthony is a home brewer, and has 25 years experience of that. He and Rob started home brewing together and after 5 years they decided to do something bigger with it.

They opened up in April, 2014, with a 3 bbl brew system, and already after 3 months they upgraded to a 6 bbl system. Now they do double batches in two days.


They do everything them selves and have no investors. Since May this year, Anthony works at the brewery full time, before that, it was only nights and weekends to juggle with other day time jobs. Anthony owned his own business before this, so he felt confident in opening Transmitter Brewing. He already know all the paper works, and that’s probably every brewer’s dream if you’re opening your own business. 😉

transmitter_anthonyandrob Rob to the left and Anthony is the charming man to the right that showed me around. =)

Their goal in the nearest future is to work on their expand. As we were speaking they were waiting for more tanks to come any day. And their landlord is willing to give them some more space. Their beers takes a long time to produce so I can imagine it’s hard with space, because you have to keep it somewhere. And they have ideas of making some more room for visitors to sit and enjoy their beers on site.


They also have a little room for barrel aged beers. In there you can find Rum, French Brandy, Apple Brandy and Red Wine barrels which they keep full all the time and filled with fruits for their aged series.


It is with great excitement I am following Transmitter Brewing’s journey and see what the future holds for them!

Now I think it’s time for me to open my bottle of S9 Noble Saison I bought when visiting. Cheers!

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