The World’s Worst Twin!

This Wednesday I made acquaintance with the world’s worst twin. It was dark, dry and a bit tangy. It was a beer. And I was drinking it from a coffee mug.

Last April the gypsy brewer Jeppe from Evil Twin Brewing went to Austin in Texas to make a collaboration with Jester King Brewery. Jester King is a farmhouse brewery with a big passion of making wild ales and spontaneously fermented beers.

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This collaboration resulted in a farmhouse ale fermented in oak barrels with blueberries in the second fermentation. Jeppe wanted to make a beer inspired by one of his favourite coffees (a Kieni roast from Coffee Collective in Copenhagen), but without adding actual coffee. So they used toasty, high kilned malts to get that roasty, chocolatey character and added blueberries to bring out some earthy flavours from the hops.

Josh, Jester King’s label designer came up with the name for the beer, “World’s Worst Twin” and I was surprised because I thought for sure Jeppe came up with it himself. 🙂

Almost one year later, it was time to launch it and the party was held at Tørst with the brewer’s present. A special mug had been designed for the beer and event. If you’ve made a beer inspired by your favourite coffee, of course you want to drink it from a coffee mug! 😉


At 6 o’clock last Wednesday, the only keg on the east coast was tapped at Tørst and the bar was packed. Everyone wanted to get their share. For $14 you got an 8 oz pour in the mug, which you got to keep. You could also buy bottles to go.


The beer was tasty and had some roasty flavours and got a fruity and tart character from the blueberries. I like! It was a great event and serving the beers in coffee mugs was a fun idea. It felt a bit weird looking around in the bar seeing everyone drinking from mugs instead of the regular glasses. Cheers!

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