Sisters In Craft!

Being a woman in the beer industry can sometimes be hard and frustrating. I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying it’s a male dominated business. A lot of people often assume that it’s a man thing and when they hear or see a women that has big knowledge about beer or works in the business they get surprised. “Wow, you know a lot about beer for being a girl.” “Isn’t it too hard work for a girl to work at a brewery?” I’m a big and strong woman, and it always surprises me when a man says that to me and I look around thinking that I’m probably stronger than some of the men that say this to me.

I am so passionate about beer I sometimes think it’s my mission to get everyone else to love beer as much as I do. Every woman and man. But sometimes we need to lift up the women in craft beer, help them to believe in them selves and show them in different ways that this world is for them too! There are in many different ways you can do that and The Beerded Ladies know exatly how!


On the very last day of April, Threes Brewing hosted a Beerded Ladies event “Sisters in craft – Ladies Pint Night”. My first encounter with the Beerded Ladies was actually at the toilet of ABC Beer Co. I was peeing when I saw this sticker on the wall that said: I got my phone out of my bag and took a picture of it while still sitting on the toilet. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I had to check that out when I got home, but didn’t want to forget about it (after a beer, or two…). So, the Beerded Ladies are two brilliant women, Hayley Karl and Meredith Heil, who started a craft beer blog.  They are both writers that met each other when working at Strong Place (a craft beer bar in Cobble Hill). A little more than two years ago they decided to start the blog. They now run the blog, host events and hold Beer geek trivias.

A few days ago I saw this event on Facebook and thought it would be fun to go there and meet them in person.  There were also female homebrewers there pouring some of their own beers. And the bar was serving some specially chosen beers from Allagash, Sixpoint, Radiant Pig and Empire. Each one of them uplifting a woman from their brewery with that beer.

beerded_ladies1 Beerded Ladies. Meredith and Hayley.

sheri_kat Meet Sheri and Kat, two awesome homebrewers.

It was a successful event with lots of fabulous ladies in the beer scene showing up. There were also quite a lot of awesome dudes there supporting the ladies. Everyone that I talked to were really positive and giving me pep talks. It really boosted my confidence and I left the event with a smile on my face. And with some new business cards in my pocket. 😉

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