Pour It Hard!


Beer: Wake Up Dead Nitro
Brewery: Left Hand Brewing Co
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.2%

My experience is that it is far more popular with nitro beers here in the states, compared to Sweden. I see nitro taps at lots of bars here in NYC, serving cream ales and stouts. I have for a long time looked and yearned for the Left Hand Brewing Nitro bottles, mostly because I’ve been wanting to pour them hard. As it says on the cap. I’ve seen others do it plenty of times, and I just can’t help thinking that it looks like so much fun. =)

I finally got myself a bottle and of course I filmed it! Here we go. Pour hard!

The beer has notes of caramel, is a bit smokey and boozy. It is a full bodied and bold beer! Cheers!

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