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When I was in Sweden I visited some breweries to see what was going on in the beer scene over there. One of them was PKLK Bryggeri, founded in 2012 by Peter Pikulik (a home brewer since 2008). At that time he was brewing in his garage and his whole idea and strategy was to brew beers for bars, restaurants and events, which worked out well with the small batch business he was doing.

equipment Equipment.


In January 2015 he got his own production facility, in Tyres√∂. A 20-25 minute drive southeast from Stockholm City, where he brews 500 l per batch. He’s aiming on brewing 15 000 liter (about 125 bbl) this year, but have a capacity of 30 000 l. And the idea is to hit that next year. He ¬†now has two of his own beers available at Systembolaget (the liqour store controlled by the Swedish government). But he still makes many different beers to restaurants and bars.

two_ bottles The two PKLK beers that are available at Systembolaget. An imperial oat porter and an American pale ale.


Peter is a mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree in product development and he quite recently quit his daytime job to work full time at the brewery. He’s currently the only one working at the brewery, but he gets some help from his family during bottling days.

He always knew he wanted to open his own business one day and his goal for the nearest future is to get out more of his own beers. The brewery is in a sort of transition phase right now, with the goal to build up his own portfolio of beers in his own name. But he’s open to still brew for restaurants, bars and events. He believes there is room for both kind of businesses. Peter says he’s always striving to be innovative and the Swedish beer scene is thriving at the moment, so he’s taking the opportunity to experiment and be creative with his recipes.

The place looks great and I can see a lot of potential to grow bigger and getting more PKLK beers out there to the thirsty beer drinkers in Sweden. I love the logo and if you get a chance to drink Public Service and Royal Oats, do so! They’re delicious!

Beerpriority wishes him all the best of luck and prosperity for a successful brewery! Cheers!

peter Peter Pikulik himself.

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