Omnipollo <3 Tired Hands.

It’s 6.30 am and I’m standing in a parking lot of a hotel in Williamsburg shotgunning a Heady Topper. No, this isn’t something I usually do. But when Henok loaded his bags in the trunk, one of his cans got puncturedĀ and started leaking. And who am I not to help out in such a critical moment? šŸ˜‰

On Tuesday March 10th magic was gonna happen.Ā Omnipollo was doing a collaboration with Tired Hands Brewing Company, and my friend Kim Mercado and I were invited to join them for a road trip. The final destination was Ardmore, Pennsylvania, a suburb west of Philadelphia where Tired Hands brewery is located. Their brewery is really small with a capacity of brewing 5-7 bbl at a time.

Mashing in.


Tired Hands Brewing Company is expanding though, they have a new location just a couple of minutes away from their old brewery and a brand new brew house from the Canadian NSI with a capacity of 25 bbl, so the production is about to increase a whole lot. Their beers are not to be found in NYC because they don’t distribute there (or anywhere else), so I had never tried one. There’s plenty of hype around them and they have been high on my wish list. And I was not dissapointed at all! They are known for their solid saisons and also for experimenting a lot with wild yeast and fruits. And OMG are their hoppy beers delicious! Everything is sold at their bar and sells out really fast, so everything is super fresh. When we were there they had just put on “Totally different spiritual galaxy” an IPA with maple syrup. Henok went crazy bananas over this beer; the colour, the aroma and the taste. And he was talking about drinking growlers and growlers of it… šŸ˜‰

henok_bar Henok helping himself (and us) to some delicious maple syrup IPA.


While I was processing apples, Henok keeping an eye on the brew, Karl got to put some of his magic up on the windows. He had the honor of drawing for the two new beers on tap. Totally different spiritual galaxy (an IPA with maple syryp) and Sockless leather dance shoes (a berliner weisse).

Everyone at Tired Hands was amazing, so friendly and welcoming. Though Jean, the head brewer, had tons of other things to do at the same time, he always had a smile on his face and took his time to answer any questions I had. Omnipollo and Tired Hands has known each other for a while and met previously when they did a collaboration (Fatamataga) in Sweden at Dugges Ale- och Porterbryggeri AB. Henok was telling me how much he respects Tired Hands and always really liked their beers. Henok and Jean seem to think a lot alike when it comes to looks and tastes. I can sense that they are big fans of each other. So when Henok got the opportunity to actually come to Tireds Hands brewery for a collaboration he was super excited.

So on this day they were making a Milkshake IPA, with lactose, strawberries and vanilla. To increase the turbidity of the beer to get that milkshake feeling, a whole bunch of delicious, sweet and processed apples were added in the boil. Apples containsĀ pectins which has a gelling effect. And at the end of boiling, super fresh Citra was added for a beautiful hoppy taste. The brew went well and the beer looked awesome! The beer will be served at the bar at Tired Hands and I will try my best to get over thereĀ for a taste. Cheers!

apples Apples.

humle A magic potion? Or just beer. With Citra hops added.

henok_jean3 Two satisfied brewers! Henok and Jean.

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