Omnipollo Tap Take Over.

My friends Karl and Henok from Omnipollo came to the Big Apple and the first thing they did when they arrived was to head out to Beer street, an amazing and relatively new opened bar in Williamsburg. On Saturday March 7th they had a small tap take over, well it wasn’t really a tap take over, because they only had three beers on tap. 😀

The beers they had on tap were:

  • Leon, a belgian pale ale (their first beer and one of their flagship beers) brewed at de Proef, Belgium.
  • Yellow Belly, a “peanut butter biscuit” stout brewed at Buxton, England.
  • Pomperipossa, a sour cherry stout brewed at Buxton, England.


I’m a big fan of Omnipollo and their beers. The Yellow Belly is ridiculously good and so tasty! And not only is it a good beer, with this beer they are trying to make a stand. Against racism and to remind people to be open minded. And most importantly not to be prejudiced. I talked to Karl about this and he told me that some people get annoyed by it saying you shouldn’t mix politics with beers. But I think it’s great that they dare to take a personal stand with their beers too. What a perfect way of sending a message, that goes out to a A LOT of people.

I got a little star struck this evening because I got to meet the owner of Stillwater Artinasal, Brian Strumke, to the very left on the picture above. He turned out to be the nicest guy ever!

It was a nice and small event and Karl and Henok even got to pose for fans, americans with Swedish heritage wearing a yellow shirt with the three blue Swedish crowns… Amazing!

The crew for the night 🙂

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