Making of a MUTT.

A while back (like a really really long while back), we were asked by a friend at Mutt Industries to help them brew a beer for their open house at Design Week Portland (2016). We accepted under our brewing “pseudonym” Chartreuse Brewing.

Together we decided that the beer should be an IPA. Naturally it should be a real MUTT, but at the same time it should be balanced enough for pretty much anyone to enjoy. We settled on 4 different types of hops, one for each letter in MUTT, and a nice malt mix to give it some breadiness while keeping a light body.

The deal was that we’d make the beer, and MUTT would think of a name and create the labels. They secretly named it “after” a coworker at the agency and put his face on the label. And so… Irritatingly Polite Asshole IPA was born.

The beer, at MUTT Industries office in SE Portland during DWP 2016.

If you’re not careful, your face might end up on a beer.

The man, the myth, the label.

The beer was really tasty, and the event was successful. And although we didn’t stay the entire night, we’re pretty sure the beer was all gone by the time we left the building.

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