King Titus Review.


Beer: King Titus
Brewery: Maine Beer Co
Style: Porter
ABV: 7.5%

Appearance: It pours dark as the darkest night with a light brown fluffy head. The foam sits for a long time. I get excited just looking at the foam, it looks creamy with some tiny bubbles, I want to eat it.

Aroma: I get notes of liquorice, bitter dark chocolate and some roasting notes.

Taste: Chocolate, a little bit of coffee (which might come from the roasted wheat) and a little bitterness that sneaks up on you in the after taste.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is creamy and soft. It is low carbonated that increases that soft feeling. It is between full and medium bodied. When you first sip it, it feels super rich, but when swallowing it feels lighter.

Overall: It’s a delicious beer and not too much on the heavier side. Each sip gives you new flavours the warmer the beer gets. It is an elegant porter with no fuzz, just excellent executed. That is one thing I love about Maine’s beers, they are always very well done, well balanced and very drinkable. Their pale ales and IPA’s are usually heavenly delicious, and this porter is just as great! Cheers!

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