IWCB 2016 Portland.


“Are YOU the brewer?”

“Let me carry that for you.”

“Here is the wine menu.”

“I want to be helped by the male bartender.”

“You don’t even look like you like beer.”

These are quotes taken from real experiences from women in the beer scene. At breweries, bars and beer festivals. It’s a mans world where women are still fighting to be a natural part of. Sure, it’s way better today than let’s say 20 years ago. But come on, we all know that it’s a male dominating field with a lot of beards and bro’s.

Pink Boots Society, with the goal to empower women working professionally with beer, arranges every year around International Women’s Day, a brew day for women to come together for a collaboration brew. International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. It’s a fun day and breweries all around the world gets crowded with awesome ladies for an all female brew day. It’s also to make a point and encourage women to stand tall and strong in a male dominated field.

I (Marie) was invited to join a group of women to brew a Ginger, Hibiscus and Honey Belgian ale at 10 Barrels in Portland.

From left: Natalie Baldwin (brewer at Burnside Brewing), Lee Hedgmon (brewer at Pints Brewing), Whitney Burnside (headbrewer at 10 Barrels), Lisa Allen (headbrewer at Heater Allen), me, Sonia Marie Leikam (founder and brewer at Leikam Brewing) and Lauren Schwartzburg (brewing laboratory consultant).



DSCF1871 Lots of ginger had to be chopped up.


DSCF1881 Whitney introduced a brew tradition of hers: brewer’s toddy. First running and whiskey! If you haven’t tried it, make sure to do so, it was delicious!


It was great to meet all this amazing women that are strong and successful at their job. Very inspiring and this is one side I love about beer (not only drinking it), but the fact that it brings people together. And we’re here for the same reason: our passion for beer!

DSCF1900 Best part of having a bunch of people on a brew day: take turns to grain out. Here, Sonia Marie is in the action. 

DSCF1933 Hibiscus, for both flavor and color.


DSCF1934 Ginger and hibiscus ready to go into the boil.

DSCF1940 Teri Fahrendorf, the founder of Pink Boots Society, came to hang out! Such an honor to meet this awesome gal! 


Beer doesn’t have a gender, so let’s give everyone the chance to play equally in this game. Cheers!

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