Finally we can start brewing beer at home! In NYC we lived in a small one bedroom apartment, but now we live in a house and we even have a basement that will be perfect for brewing. Our friend Tom sold us his homebrew stuff and we just need to add some more stuff and then start brewing!


I haven’t had the chance to brew at home that much so far and am looking forward to get going.

So…what should be the first beer brewed in our Portland house?

2 thoughts on “Homebrewing.

    • Hahaha! Awesome. Maybe we should do a Port(er)land. =) Our first beer was Cascadian Sunshine, a Cascade single hop IPA, our second beer was an oatmeal coffee stout and our third and last one was a Mutt-IPA for a design agency (with four different hops, a mutt).

      Det ska jag göra! Tack!

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