Hair of the dog + Omnipollo.


Our friends from Omnipollo came to Portland, OR to brew a collaboration with Hair of the dog. One great thing about the beer community, is that no matter where in the world you are, you will be united with your friends somehow. So, to be able to hang out with Karl and Henok in Portland, since we just recently moved here, was amazing.

Last year they met Alan, the “father” of Hair of the dog, at the beer festival De Molen hosts each year since 2009. A mutual love for each others beer emerged and when Alan mentioned doing something together, Henok was quick to say yes. Henok has always loved Hair of the dog and their beers so this was a dream collaboration. And it was on!


A barley wine with lactose and tons of maple syrup was made  and apparently this is one of the most expensive beers Alan has made. The beer will be aged on bourbon oak barrels.

A lucky (?) piñata and the characeristic red cement fermenter.

The brew system at Hair of the dog is by far the most interesting we’ve seen. Very hands on and super cool. Mash tun to the right in the picture and the kettle is fully open. There’s no walking away from your brew, gotta keep an eye on that the whole time. They brew 8 times to fill a tank. So a brew day is very long. It’s beautiful to listen to Alan and his brewers talk, because they really love what they are doing. They love to brew beer just the way they are doing it. They’re not really interested in trying to make it as effective as possible or easier to brew more, they have a passion for beer and the craft of it, and wants to do delicious beers. And they do!


The gang: Viktor, Alan, Karl and Henok.

Alan and his brewers showed great hospitality and made sure we were happy, and most important: made sure that our glasses always had beer in them. =)

Alan is a beer god here in the pacific north west and to be able to hang out with him AND during a brew was awesome. He is the nicest guy and such a humble person.

Alan and Marie.

The beer doesn’t have a name yet, but the working name for the style so far is: Maple Muffin Barleywine. If you are in Portland, keep an eye open for this beer (it will take some time though), it will be freaking delicious, because Hair of the dog knows their barleywines and with the combination of Henok Fentie’s creative brain, it can’t go wrong! Cheers!

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