Guys just wanna have fun!

Designing beer labels is a very important job. Most brands and breweries have their own significant touch, which makes you recognize them from anywhere. Very often people purchase beers due to the cool, unique labels or amazing designs.  Admit it, it’s probably happened to you too. It is of course the beer inside that matters, BUT design helps.

So, what happens when three artists/designers happen to be eating dinner and drinking beers together? This happens: they start to scribble on napkins.

keith_shore Keith Shore in action.

After brewing Milkshake IPA at Tired Hands we all went to Philadelphia for beers and food. We made a pit stop at Monk’s Café, which is the place to stop by if you are in to craft beers. They always have Russian River on draft, and this night they had Blind Pig IPA (which is a deliciously hoppy IPA) and Pliny the Elder (their hyped IIPA) that had just kicked, which we only got to taste a sip of.

After a couple of beers we went to the Italian (Roman-style Trattoria) restaurant Amis and had amazing food. The dishes kept on coming in, starters, mains and desserts. I was in heaven. For dinner we were accompanied by Keith Shore.

After a while, Jean started scribbling on a napkin and passed it on.

The following scribblers were:

  • Karl Grandin, artist/designer for Omnipollo.
  • Keith Shore, art director for Mikkeller.
  • Jean Broillet IV, owner and head brewer of Tired Hands. He also does all the drawings at the brewery.

The result! Three scribbles in one. Can you see who made which part?

art Can you see who made which part? Image courtesy of Tireds Hands Instagram.


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