Chasing Good Beers.

There are always beers that “you have to try”. You know the ones. The ones with really (REALLY) good ratings on RateBeer. Or that one beer that is almost impossible to get a hold of. Or maybe a beer that is a result of a kick ass collaboration. Then there are beers that just simply has a great hype around them. Either way, you HAVE to try them.

I have to confess: I had never tried Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. For some reason I missed it at Stockholm Beer & Whiskey festival last year. But this Wednesday (on April fools) I finally got to join the KBS family! One Mile House had a Founders tap take over, and they didn’t just tap KBS, but also CBS!


  • Kentucky Breakfast Stout by Founders Brewing Company is  an imperial stout brewed with coffee and vanilla and then aged in oak bourbon barrels. It has a full score on RateBeer and is on 13th place on the list of the best 50 beers in the world, no matter style. It holds number 14 on BeerAdvocate.
  • CBS, or Canadian Breakfast Stout is also an imperial stout, but from their Backstage series, and is brewed with coffee and chocolate and then aged on bourbon barrels that most recently carried Maple syrup. This one also has a full score on RateBeer and holds the 11th place of the 50 best beers. 9th place on BeerAdvocate. This is a beer that you don’t see very often. I talked to a guy next to me in the bar who was from Michigan, and he told me even he had never had this beer because it was so hard to get a hold of.

The bar was packed, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to try these beers. I started off with a fresh and delicious Harvest Ale, while waiting for when they were tapping the KBS at 7.30pm and the CBS at 8pm. The bar was under staffed and when the clock turned 7.30 they didn’t have the situation under control. The keg finished in probably less than 20 minutes and though they only did 8 oz pours, there were people who didn’t get to try it. So, when they tapped the CBS, they wanted to make sure that the people who didn’t get KBS would get the CBS first, but it was chaos. At least I got to try them both!


They were both delicious, poured super dark with a brown head that disappeared quickly. They were smooth and had sweet notes from the vanilla and chocolate. The high ABV was hidden nicely. My favourite out of these two was the KBS. It’s funny, because I don’t like bourbon, but love beers aged on bourbon barrels (as long as the bourbon note isn’t too strong). The bourbon undertones definitely came through, but in such a subtle and beautiful way. It was worth the wait for these beers and I only have one more thing to say: You HAVE to try them! 🙂

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