A Trip To Queens and Alewife.

Since I’ve moved to NYC I have collected beer bar tips and the list is getting long. There are so many good craft beer bars in this city! One by one, I am trying to go through that list, checking them off, to find my favourite ones. This weekend we went to Queens to explore some areas and I thought it would be a perfect time to visit Alewife, a well known bar in Long Island City.  The bar belongs to the same owner as Fool’s Gold and The Jeffrey, both found on the island of Manhattan. Alewife is located  on 51st Ave at the lower part of Long Island City and when standing outside you get a pretty sweet view of the Empire State Building.


My first impression when walking inside Alewife was that the music volume was a bit high. It was bearable though, you could still talk and you kind of get used to it. The place is big with a lot of tables in different sizes for small and big groups. They have an upper floor complete with a pool table, darts, couches to chill in and a patio for drinks in the sun. The bar has 28 beers on draught and one beer on cask. The majority of the beers are American, except for a few German beers. Alewife recently had an event, which meant we had some interesting Spanish beers to choose from as well. They do flights, 4 x 4 oz pours for $13, but after walking around in Queens for a while in the sun, we ordered full sized beers to quench our thirst.

IPA Sliced Nectarine IPA from Moody Tongue.

They sell bottles as well and judging by their bottle list they carry some crazy and pretty rare ones.The prices are wide ranging and some of them can get expensive. They always have a “bottle of the week” and this week it was Black Albert by De Struise for $16, which isn’t bad.

We also had food at Alewife and it was freaking delicious. They have a fully equipped kitchen and a lot of different dishes on the menu; plates to share, bar snacks, burgers, salads and so on. I had Baby Back ribs topped with a chipotle BBQ sauce and a fresh cabbage slaw as a side. My companion had the Alewife burger with garlic fries (which were amazing btw). This is a seat yourself bar with attentive table service, which I like.

The Bar

Amongst the beers we had, a Kellerbier stood out. It was called Ungespundet brewed at Mahrs Bräu in Bamberg, Germany. Other beers we tried included IBUProfano, a crazy double IPA with an IBU of 250 (!) from the Spanish brewery, Reptilian; Sliced Nectarine, an IPA from the Illinois brewery, Moody Tongue; and Victory Brewery’s new Gose with cherries, aptly named Kirsch.

I highly recommend Alewife for drinks and food. It took me some time to plan this visit because I thought it would be a trek, but honestly it was a pleasant trip and not far from where I live. No matter where you are, a good beer bar is worth the visit. So no, it’s not far away at all! Cheers!

Beer Notes

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